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Rocky Knoll Technologies can help your business quit worrying about technology and focus on your business. 
 Our core business is to help small and medium businesses in the Charlotte, NC area be successful at leveraging technology to meet their customer’s needs. It’s all about the relationships. Our relationship with you and your relationship with the customer. We have been in business since 2007 and worked hard to gain relationships with our customers by providing IT support with a focus on learning your business and making sure you come first.
Our business focuses on three cornerstones. Security, Reliability, and Productivity. If you design, build and maintain your IT program with these cornerstones in mind, your investment in technology will help grow your business. Are you looking for someone you can trust who will do what they say they will do? We will worry about your technology so you can focus on your business instead. Please take some time to browse our website and learn more about these cornerstones. See if your business technology incorporates them. Then contact us and we can start forging the relationship that will help your business be safe, reliable, and productive.

  • No Business is too Small – 1 Man show to 500 users

  • Disaster Recovery – A plan tailored to fit your business

  • Ransomeware Protection – No business is immune to it

  • Personal Service – You deserve it

  • Everything Electronic – We can help with everything electronic


Security should be factored into any piece of technology. In today’s world of constant hacking and big name companies getting breached, you have to be security minded. Rocky Knoll Technologies takes security seriously and is proud to offer enterprise grade firewalls, security software, privilege management software, as well as help your business become compliant with accepting credit/debit cards.

Your technology has to work when you need it. Period. You have to have the right tools for the job. We see too many times that businesses do not have the right technology tools to get their work done reliably. We can help you ensure you have a reliable network. From workstations to servers, to the ever critical backup and recovery environment, we want to work with you to make sure there are no surprises that will jeopardize your ability to take care of your customers.

Once you have a secure and reliable environment, its time to make your business more efficient. Do you have the tech tools beat your competitors? Are your employees able to interact and share data as well as they should? We can help finding the right software to manage your business, ensure you have software tools meet your customer’s needs, and provide training on any technology to make your employees better workers.



Rocky Knoll Technologies

We’re glad you are checking us out. We will be glad to provide references from our current customers. Let us know and we will provide you their contact info.

If you feel like this guy, let us help you reclaim your network! Contact us today.

Ransomware Protection

Worried about your files being encrypted? Have you already had this happen to you and don’t feel confident it won’t happen again? We can help protect you and give you the confidence it won’t happen again.